What Sets Us Apart


A Trusted Name

University Dental Associates has grown with the community around it. The practice has been serving the area for decades and has maintained a dedication to the best dental care as well as a true focus on each patient as an individual. We appreciate that our patients have unique needs and we make sure each person who visits our office walks out feeling appreciated.

Modern Technology for Modern Convenience

All of our equipment and services follow the best modern standards in the field of dental health. We use digital X-ray imaging to analyze the unique mouths of our patients faster and with crystal clarity to identify individual needs as early as possible.

Sharing Smiles

We wish to encourage the dental health of our individual patients and their families, but we also count on our patients to promote dental health in their communities. Referral of family and friends by our patients is always appreciated.

Your Dental Comfort

Dental care isn't just about helping people keep their teeth strong and healthy. We value the importance of a positive patient experience from start to finish. We are on a first-name basis with all of our patients unless they have another preference and we do everything we can to ensure the time they spend with us is comfortable. We are happy to discuss the use of a mild sedative with patients who require help relaxing during treatments to make their procedures pass with ease.

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